You will need to sign in with your member number and you will receive an immediate receipt that can be printed out. E-mail Pieri or renew by going online at Spread the word about AAUW. Access the Member Services Database Report Branch Contributions Assess Your Community's Equity Resources Support AAUW through Fundraising Learn about Volunteer Leader Position Descriptions Get Recognition for your Undergraduates or degree-seeking graduates at non-AAUW C/U member institutions may join and renew at the student rate of $18.81 through graduation. You will Renewing members can pay dues on AAUW’s Member Services Database . v. Thank you for following these renewal procedures. Mail dues payable to Medina County AAUW to: Pieri Levandofsky, Finance Officer. Discounts and Services As an AAUW member you have the opportunity to receive discounts and services, please go to the AAUW National website ( and review the benefits for AAUW Members that include savings at Office Depot and Office Max when using the required AAUW Purchasing Card. Click on Branch Member Roster for a complete listing of Redlands branch members. Included are topics such as Financial Matters for Nonprofit Organizations, Branch Bylaws, AAUW Member Services Database, Communications and Publicity Tools, Branch Archives, Meeting Minutes, AAUW National Resources Member Tools Member Services Database AAUW Near You Follow Us Twitter Facebook Tumblr YouTube RSS RSS This website uses cookies, including third party ones, to … Please use Chrane, Firetox, Safari, or Internet Existing Users (Already have an ID md Password) Join Us You be a part of a community that empowers worrwn and girls! Services Database. Your members will look to you to keep the finances of their affiliate organization updated Use the number to access the national Member Services Database to update your personal contact information. Search the AAUW Member Services Database, input your 6-digit AAUW membership number, click on E-Student Affiliates and choose the state of California. AAUW’s member benefits can enhance your professional and personal life and will save you money along the way! (Members new to AAUW who join after March 15 become members through June of the following year.) Most important, every time you use one of your benefits, you are also supporting AAUW's vital work, which is what makes AAUW one of the nation’s most powerful voices on women's issues. Your Member ID is on the latest Membership Roster. Members can save up to 80% on over 93,000 products at Office Depot/Office Max. It is extremely helpful and user-friendly. Section 2. Members may read and download Current Topic Briefings, Research, Resources for Officers, and Tools and Guides for members. The policies and programs of AAUW shall be binding on all members engaged in AAUW activities, and no member shall use the name of AAUW to oppose such policies or programs. Your member ID is listed on the upper right corner of your address on the back of your Member Directory for all years except 2018-19. Welcome to the world of American Association of University Women (AAUW ) finance officers. AAUW MEMBER CENTER Members have the use of the Member Services Database. You can review and change any of your information by usin At the Member Tools area of the National Association website, you will find some very useful information including: – The AAUW Leadership Roster – The Member Services Database where you can find your own membership profile and the roster of our branch including everyone’s contact information. Proper Use of Name and Logo. After logging in, select Branch Member Roster from the Menu on the left of the screen.) It honors those who donate $5,000 or more to AAUW each Register for Sojourner Truth Zoom Event Presentation on 11/14/20 at 2:00 pm The MSD makes it faster and easier to control the accuracy of the membership records. To unsubscribe from promotional email and other digital communications from AAUW, select the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email from AAUW or contact us directly at connect@aauw… The Members Services Database (MSD) allows branch finance officers to confirm that the funds donated by your branch members went to the intended fund. If you are an AAUW member you must be Your Member ID is on the latest Membership Roster. Enter your Member ID and Password (originally used for the Member Services Database (MSD)) Use the support links in the login window if you’ve forgotten your Password, don’t know your Member ID, or register, if you never had a password before. Member Services Database (MSD) Information The AAUW College/University Partner Members and Representatives Roster and E-Student Affiliates Roster are accessible via the Member Services Database (MSD) which can be found under TOOLS on the AAUW website . In choosing Cardona, who worked for two decades as a Select Member Services Database button on the upper left. Please register for, update, and use the AAUW member services database. Wouldn’t it … Go to Click Login at the top of the page next to the join button. If you are an AAUW member and do not yet have a password, you can register here. Sometimes […] The Member Services Database is also the spot to obtain a list of branch and state officers or to send messages through the included e-mail links. Enter your Member ID and Password (originally used for the Member Services Database (MSD) Use … It’s also the best way to update your contact information so we can keep our membership roster up to date. To change any of personal information, go online to Member Services Database (MSD) at Once you are in the MSD, your AAUW Profile can be seen. AAUW enthusiastically endorses President-elect Joseph Biden’s nomination of the Connecticut Commissioner of Education Miguel Cardona as his Secretary of Education. Using this tool you can view and verify donations for the past 24 months. Note: To become a member of the NV Online Branch of AAUW, you must also be a member of the national (AAUW) and state (AAUW NV) organizations. 1. The AAUW Champions for Women and Girls program recognizes individuals who have made a significant financial commitment to advancing equity for women and girls. Confirming donations is important because there are many options a member can choose when donating online. Member Services Database: How To Access Here is a step-by-stop guide to accessing and editing your directory information on the AAUW National Member Services Database. Access Member Services Database This is the AAUW Member Services Information Access area. your email address of record in the AAUW Member Services Database, please go to the Member Services Database by March 22 and make sure your email address is … If you are a member and would like to correct, update, or deactivate your personal information in our database, please also contact us by emailing or calling 202.785.7700. Click on the Member Services Database and then “Renew My Membership” (menu on left column). Go to the link below to register/log in to the And let’s take the Member-Get-A-Member idea literally this coming year. You are now a member of an important group. Login to AAUW National with your membership number, click on Member Tools at the bottom, and enter the Member Services Database. Not sure if your school is already ahere. To Update Contact Information with Nationals: AAUW’s Member Services Database . Register – enter Member Center (red button near top of AAUW Home Page or from login at member number search – add your member number and click Log in. The AAUW Member Services Database (MSD) is your online access to AAUW’s national database records. By Mail: Complete and mail the Membership Renewal Application ( FORMS ) along with your check payable to AAUW Marin to the address on the application (or): Click on the Join/Renew link then on Renew Branch .