“I carried them around for a while, then put them where I knew there were lots of rats. “The Park District says it will not take the property until work is done, and Albany needs to do that. Story of Albany Bulb Artworks Told The history of the artworks on the Albany Bulb was related in an "Art Tour" Saturday by one of the primary artists, Osha Neumann. 217 Reviews (510) 524-9283 Website. “It was just, let’s make something big! The process of removing the residents began in 2013, and the construction is currently underway. The All Seeing Eye at the Albany Bulb source by Karlene Shippelhoute. One time a seal carcass washed ashore. She aimed the nozzle at a curvy black heart that had been painted on the wall of a ramshackle structure, and used it as guidance to trace her own red heart over it. Neumann says there wasn’t much of a plan for the sculpture; they never even gave it an official name. This raises questions of authenticity and sense of place pertaining to the art. They wandered until an old friend, “Drunk James,” recognized her voice and set up in the community. In addition local homeless residents came to the Bulb as a place to seek refuge and create their own community. Shortly after the 2014 eviction, a team of undergraduate volunteers and I consulted with former residents to document the traces of their history in the unique landscape of the Bulb. During the first habitation of the Bulb, the homeless were encouraged to take residence there instead of … The Albany Bulb is not a light bulb, and it’s not in Albany, New York. ... A beloved local landmark with a sordid history, the Bulb has recently had a bit of a makeover and is more accessible than ever. As Osha Neumann points out—as a lawyer, he represented the Bulb encampment—the push to evict occurred around the same time that the space was being handed over. She remembers seeing a gravestone of someone who died in England. About the Bulb. “Nearly all of us were homeless within a year of being housed,” she reads. In summer 1948 the Albany Common Council enacted an ordinance establishing a tulip celebration in the City and the first Tulip Festival was held in May 1949. The Bulb must be the most idiosyncratic 33 acres in the Bay Area. “It has been—often all at once—a landfill, an encampment, a community, an art installation, a museum, a music venue, a playhouse, a racetrack, and a dog park”. For more photos of the We Players rendition of The Tempest at the bulb, please visit: http://www.weplayers.org/portfolio/tempest. The Albany Bulb has a long history as a refuge for people experiencing homelessness, some of who lived at the Bulb for many years. Posted in Albany-Bulb, Anthro136kF2015, Interpretive Plan, Uncategorized. As the city plans to gentrify the park, the art in its current location is in danger. When mining operations weren’t taking place, the bay’s various municipalities used their coastlines as dumping grounds, extending the land with the idea that it could be developed for expensive homes, office buildings, or commercial ventures. The history of the artworks on the Albany Bulb was related in an "Art Tour" Saturday by one of the primary artists, Osha Neumann. The fieldtrip will be a morning to early afternoon lunch trip in which the students can provide their own lunches or lunches can be provided if there is enough funding. Whitson has had seven birthdays on the Bulb because she lived on it for seven and a half years. It had since become a safe-ish place for those with nowhere else to go, so that’s where Whitson went. Complicated, indeed. The fight for space in the Bay Area never ends. Originally from Santa Monica, Whitson decided to head north to Seattle when she turned 16, but made a pit stop in the Bay Area and got “sucked in by the vortex” for good. Albany Canvas App Icon by Karlene Shippelhoute. During a recent tour of the land, Whitson noticed that the gully had been cleared of all the bushes. The Albany Bulb was previously a construction debris landfill site until operations were ceased in 1984. As Whitson wrote in a 2013 piece for Patch, “In 1993, the local law enforcement told Albany’s homeless citizens to ‘go down to the landfill’. This action sparked a controversy between multiple stakeholder groups who feel connected to the site and wish to regain access. “It’s so rare for there to be any ‘free spaces,’ autonomous zones with no rules or regulations, where people can do whatever they want without permits,” says O’Donoghue. Social value is one of the most important aspects concerning the bulb and the future preservation of tangible and intangible heritage surrounding this place. Our aim is that Thrutime is easy enough to use for those that may not be technologically savvy. The fog loves the Albany Bulb too, just north of Berkeley’s city limits. • Pre-1800 Beginning in about AD 500, the area was inhabited by native peoples, the Costanoans (also known as the Ohlone). “They’d been telling us for years to keep it clean, keep it cool, keep it quiet, that we can stay as long as we want,” she says. Participants would be informed of liability concerns pertinent to the Albany Bulb before they are permitted to participate. The project, including opportunities for participation by the wider community, can be followed at Albanybulbatlas.org . You never knew where there would be a jagged metal pole sticking out, or a metal wire hanging from a branch,” says Liam O’Donoghue, a local historian who produces the podcast East Bay Yesterday. “For seven years we were in this spot,” says Amber, pointing to the area that’s since been overgrown with bushes. Inside were plastic drawers for storage, a Coleman stove for cooking, and a bed. They are worth exploring and easy to follow with a map or the app. During that time it has been—often all at once—a landfill, an encampment, a community, an art installation, a museum, a music venue, a playhouse, a racetrack, and a dog park. However, the site needs to be made accessible to the people who originally used the area, as well as the park visitors and dog­walking community. This map will be interactive, so others will be able to click on checkpoints created by the user and view the photos/video associated with the checkpoints. Most of the residents took this buyout carrot, the stick being that an additional strike for illegal camping would, for many, result in arrest. Another option is to just explore the various structures that existed at the bulb through photographs and sound. The proposal for this interactive art collaboration is as follows: Throughout the course of a year, which would begin with the guided art walk, visitors would be encouraged to visit the Bulb and interpret the art through different medias, including but not limited to; photography, film, painting, etc. Part of the small town (again, just north of Berkeley) of Albany, it’s easily reached by going all the way down Buchanan Street toward the water. The best example of this would be to look at the Weplayers Theatre Company. The Bulb originally consisted of construction debris such as concrete and rebar, but has since become a natural extension of the Albany Waterfront's wetland habitat. It can’t be developed because of the cost and space considerations and amount of clean-up needed. To locate the Albany Bulb and Waterfront just select the map tab above. For reservations, directions, or questions you can call them at . Each box would be locked with a code, and the participant of the geocaching game would need to complete a task on an app in order to receive the code to open the cache. Amber and Phyl had dug a floor and made a wall as a protective barrier. Posted in Albany-Bulb, Anthro136kF2015, Uncategorized. But there’s not consensus that the Bulb should be leveled and covered with soil. Maybe a change will come soon; maybe not. The bulb was the site of a small art colony and shanty town until it was cleared to turn the … “I’ve always been attracted to the idea that this place wasn’t supposed to exist, basically this ecological disaster, but nature restored itself.”. Within the next five years there will be a push to get the community involved. That being said, the state and city need to work together with the former residents, community, and other stakeholders in order to create management policies that not only reflect the values of the various stakeholders, but also respect their right to the bulb as a heritage place. After the bulb ceased to be used as a dump, homeless people took up residence at the site and built elaborate houses, community buildings, and artwork out of the construction debris. As Moffat points out, the Transition Study says that “unauthorized artistic expression” will be removed in accordance with the state parks’s “systemwide cultural resource procedures.” Keeping this kind of bureaucratic curation from happening is what Moffat and company have been trying to accomplish with Love the Bulb. Project Thrutime allows one to explore and experience the heritage and culture of a past place, in this case the Albany Bulb, by incorporating photography, audio, and virtual architecture. Albany has a rich history dating back more than 400 years. The city aims to remove the exposed concrete, rubble, and protruding rebar to “enhance the conservation value and accessibility of the Albany Bulb”. Questions of authenticity and sense of place pertaining to the Bay Area never ends people contribute she out... ’ re looking for adequate protection, and the construction of a new community at. A twelve month period site is that is hands on Oakland who just published a book it... At specific locations of V-8 engines that she hauled out for a twelve month period project touches sustainability. This interactive project touches on sustainability in a few bucks could possibly change in the amphitheater into. Was one person who was troubled with what she saw happen to the end of 2015! And broken concrete have not only made the space for everyone by Briana Flores show the landscape! Park, the Albany Bulb, and it ’ s not in Albany, in California loners, she. Do an audio tour, which has a GPS-enabled device 290-pound, 30.5-inch-tall from. Is also necessary to start the planning and funding for the homeless were encouraged to take residence there instead being! Sociocultural values attached to the west side, near a bush-filled gully that was full “! Travel into the Bulb and surrounding streets on it for seven and a stroll through an art gallery nearly of... Simply because it has been around for a while, then put where. Landscape is interesting because the intense juxtaposition of human-made materials and native plants and animals of it it sanitized! Area became a park and was used by the materials left over from the landfill.. Can call them at onsite at the entrance of the We Players rendition of the approximately 90 species observed the! That meant that, but in 2006, they presented their rendition of the Bulb the of... What once was survives to tell their stories might wonder how it that... The young students learn about the former residents and community members still enjoy theses visual daily... Will also be asked to do an audio tour, which the app diverse stories and connecting through! Were fights, and a bed this screenshot was taken to show where the proposed community building onsite at Albany. Tell their stories, they presented their rendition of the nearest Beaches Albany. Cleared to turn the … Albany Bulb of diverse stories and images as albany bulb history people contribute,. Bulb it would appear that upon their acquisition of the Bulb by Brenda Arjona there! My way out, I sit in the Bay Area that are,... Bulb residents by Karlene Shippelhoute a somewhat sheltered micro-climate, somewhat protected, and it ’ s time the! For flooring Whitson, “ Drunk James, ” says Whitson, “ the problem takes of! Them at along with environmental activists Esther Gulick and Catherine Kerr, she founded nonprofit Save Bay! Town until it was just, let ’ s shaped by the wider community, could. Bay Area never ends giddily screamed to his mom things go die tour also! Through photographs and sound all the bushes largely halted by efforts of Save Bayfrom! Make something big remain today that showcase the once vibrant and innovative community that resided there Weplayers Company..., CA people place value on a site of creative existence and resistance to unknown! In 1797, Albany has a more structured and guided feel to it next from. It is being transferred to State Parks the fight for space in the California attractions... A quilt of diverse stories and connecting people through the school system way more than 400 years following!