Really yellow Golden Delicious is the traditional option in France I understand. Gosh. Kind of like this one but bigger: The upside: this recipe is a delight even for cooks who aren’t normally nuts about baking; the stovetop caramelization is a fragrant, fascinating process. You might want to check your proportions. I made this with pink lady apples and it was amazing! I caved and took it off the heat at 8 minutes. I also tucked all the extra puff pastry in the corners, and just sliced off the long end of the rectangle and added it to the short end to make my pastry a little more square per youtube videos. I am loathe to make it with any other piece of equipment. in eleven years but my efforts were… mediocre at best. Oh dear, smoking black mess. Now I have a Browne-Halco heavy (HEAVY) cast iron skillet, and umpteen different Paderno’s to choose from…. That would be awesome. Pepperidge Farms is ok, not wonderful. Your food photography is as exceptional as your recipes. The pan will still be hot, so use potholders and be careful! This version using larger chunks of apple and two pans is genius. ), so I cut the lemon juice. I know caramel is very finicky, I am kicking myself!! Of course, I encourage all of you to try. Ok… best landladies ever? It was so good, I smooshed a slice into my oatmeal this morning. Great advice about how to prepare the apples. I like this better than apple pie! Prepare Crust: I always use the food processor for this. Well I really wanted this recipe to work, but sadly it did not on my first try. to top it off, it happened with the in-laws over for company…. Ok Miss Molly, that looks absolutely fabulous. So delicious, but always the same problems: runny caramel and a bit of a mess as the pan was too small to cook the apples. It was on the latter project that she got very, very good at apple tarte tatins. New: A good tarte tatin looks like snug copper-colored apple cobblestones on top of a rippling puff of flaky pastry. Cheers! Having made it quite some number of times now, I’ve seen a pattern with the crust: It comes out best when I don’t have time to chill the ingredients so much. I hope you are having a wonderful time, but how can you not in Paris. There are some beautiful apples in our local farmers markets and I’m sure I’ll be buying them up so I have an excuse to throw this together again. 2. The pastry is lovely though it took closer to 40 minutes to become golden brown. I just put up a video-ish Insta Story of it here: Peek under the edge of the pan to see if the Tarte came out. (my partner is vegan and I suffer the consequences when I bake! I’ve been wanting to make a Tarte Tatin forever but was scared. Place a plate or other serving dish on top of the pan and quickly flip over the whole shebang so the Tarte Tatin drops down onto the plate. I homed in on ones that I can buy at both grocery stores and local greenmarkets right now: Pink Lady, Fuji, Gala, and Granny Smiths. I love the additional tips you provide. Beautiful and delicious. Anyway, the dish is a delight, as always. I would never have thought to put lemon in it. Scraped off what I could which was nice-ish tasting. David Lebovitz made a video several years ago in which he made an Tarte Tatin san recette and I’ve followed his no-recipe ever since. Mine remained very, very wet after cooling. Your email address will not be published. Made this last night. Wish I could attach a pic to show you how it turned out. Made this in my mother-in-law’s kitchen as we waited for Hurricane Sandy to arrive and leave us without power. It never mixed with the melted sugar, despite my furious whisking. depends on the phase in which you’re looking at it) what makes the crust more crusty. With the tip of a sharp knife, turn apple slices over, keeping them in their original places. Or maybe with a better apple it’s not as diluted? Previous post: white bean soup with crispy kale, Next post: roasted cabbage with walnuts and parmesan, roasted cabbage with walnuts and parmesan. Your email address will not be published. But I think it could be pulled off. Thank you!! Once with store bought puff pastry and it turned out fine. This worked out well for me; the crumbly caramel issue did not roar its head again. Oh, it looks great! I tried Tarte Tatin many years ago before I really learned to cook, and finally had to give up. 3. I thought it would fill me with the confidence I needed to replicate it at home. I finally made this to resemble what you described: the apples actually tasted of caramel and they had a nice coppery tone. You may need to bop the bottom of the pan with your potholder-encased fist for this to happen. It was fabulous, absolutely perfect. I would just enjoy! Once the apples were cooked, I arranged them in the pie dish and cooked down the caramel just a little more (on low heat), and added an extra tablespoon of butter to cool it down again. i need an excuse to make this. I was a little skeptical of the reduced amounts of butter and sugar compared to Molly’s recipe, and when I make this again I’ll be trying 1c sugar and 5 1/3 tbsp butter for more intense caramel flavor, and maybe upping the butter even further to full Molly-recipe levels. Wonderful to hear! Our family is apple obsessed! Place them on their sides and overlap them so you can fit as many as possible. I mean, just look at them — too thin, too sparse, too pale, apples either under- or overcooked, and way too many apples have dissolved long before the cooking time should have been up, despite being “good baking apples.”, I’d begrudgingly resigned myself a life of tatin mediocrity when I spotted one of the most stunning ones I’d seen to date on a magazine stand. . I waited an hour before flipping it out, and it was well set. I might have waited a few more minutes before taking it out of the oven, but otherwise it looks divine! The apples were tender and sweet, but a liquidy mess. Her name is Susan Spungen and she’s a cookbook author and food stylist and whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably admired her behind-the-scenes handiwork on movies — see: that croissant scene in It’s Complicated, oh and everything Amy Adams and Meryl Streep cooked in Julie & Julia. I love Autumn :). I have made a lot of crusts in my life, based on my mother’s version of a crisco crust, so I was quite certain that more butter was required in this one. (My husband? I’m going to try this with Galas or something else and see if it turns out better! Winesaps which are tart and crunchy and our favorite eating apple, and Cameos which are a little sweeter. ), Can I substitute butter for margarine in order to make it vegan? The crust was absolutely superior with a flavor and texture which did not deteriorate with age. The puff pastry got chewy after a couple of hours, which was unfortunate. Banana walnut bread brings me back to my childhood instantly but that's for another day. Or, you should be able to. Dec 7, 2019 - [Welcome to the second episode of the Sous-Chef Series, a sporadic feature on SK in which I invite cooks I admire over to my small kitchen to teach me — and thus, us — to make one of th… Wow….. that looks Yummy. Much to my sadness this meant that I got a slightly burned taste to the sugar. Over low heat in a heavy, ovenproof skillet measuring 7 to 8 inches across the bottom and 10 to 11 inches across the top, melt the stick of butter. :). It sure did look cute though. I followed this recipe pretty closely and the result looked just like Deb’s photo. Delicious. Sad (embarrassed?) When made well, this upside-down apple tart looks like snug copper cobblestones on top of a rippling puff of flaky pastry. Any ideas? I can tell is lunch time because I want to jump through the screen and have a slice of this. I used a mix of Ambrosia and Fuji apples. You need one that holds its shape after it bakes. Country Crock recently came out with some vegan margarines; I’ve used the olive oil one in baking, and perhaps the almond oil one would work well in this dish. I confess, I was momentarily discouraged when I put the butter into the melted sugar and suddenly had hard clumps. After crock pot brisket to oven (this method is seriously superior, thank you Deb!) I am lucky enough to have an array of vintage All-Clad, which belongs to my landladies, at my disposal in the apartment. I have made this recipe countless times since I found it on your wonderful site. What kind of rimmed plate did you transfer the cooked Tarte onto? Just a thought. A bit of the crust stuck to the pan, so it wasn’t as pretty as yours, but good lord, is it tasty. Recipes. Tried turning up the heat, but really I had to take it out, it was getting ridiculous. i think i would then flip it maybe into a 9 inch pie plate for ease of storing leftovers & re-heating. Yes, it’s true. Here’s the URL: What oh what will I do when I move out of my apartment and have to leave the Magic Pan behind?? Deb and I tested Alexis’ hypothesis on the Smitten Kitchen Digital Scale and found that mine did, in fact, weigh 2 ounces more than hers. Run a butter knife around the edges to loosen. I have made this but added a 1/4 teaspoon of dried lavender from my garden (dried or fresh in summer) to the boil part then sprinkled a few on top afterward. Just wondering if you have any insight to share. I just made this for dessert and it is off the charts delicious! I think your mom’s Jewish Apple Cake for Rosh Hashanah last week was the most downloaded recipe on the internet! A tarte tatin is an upside down tart, often made with sliced fruit. 1 cup sugar. We just watched a MasterChef where one of the challenges was tarte tartin, and then a week later watched Queer Eye where they made this, and now it’s here on your blog. I’ve always been intimidated by pastry-making and anxious about trying to bake a tarte tatin, but this recipe helped me make a great one on my very first try!! I’m using three sizes — a little less than half, a third, and about one-quarter in each that you see here — and cut them the way you would if you were snacking on an apple: imperfect and easy. and maybe cinnamon with the apples bc i really love apples and cinnamon It would be so so great if you made a video or provided some photos to accompany this recipe. Did the caramel run off or did it stay on top at all? I like Molly’s recipe a lot, so I’m looking forward to trying this one. Iv’e made Nigella’s recipe many times with good success ( using her quick puff pastry) but they weren’t as perfect as this one. I thought I waited long enough but the pan was still slightly warm. Looks amazing, thanks for the great recipe. Perfect dessert for when flour is in short supply! I’m definitely trying this recipe. I made this with Goldrush apples from my local farmers market and they worked very well, but then this a wonderful apple that is great for both eating out of hand and baking. Deb, you’re my new star. I added a pinch of salt and for some reason did not see the lemon juice in the printed recipe. That looks AMAZING. I used a mix of Golden Delicious and Gala. Hi Deb….Can I make the crust tonight, refrigerate it and then make the tart tomorrow in the AM? I also may have over-appled mine, using a little over 3.5 lbs Pink Lady apples. Almost without fail, the more bafflingly short an ingredient list and the more stunningly delicious the outcome, the more likely it is to rivet me. We are going to cook it a little darker, but it will go quickly from here. This will give you that rustic tarte tatin crust. I cut rather small one-thirds off each peeled apple, staying well away from the core to avoid having to trim the center of each chunk. Or should I invert it first, and then refrigerate it? I halved the recipe and used a smaller baking pan, so maybe that was the problem? but some haagen daz vanilla saved the day along with the scraped off bits of apple that my husband salvaged. Tell her she’s awesome next time you see her. I added a bit of finely chopped rosemary and lemon zest to the caramel. Thanks for breaking it down for the home cooks. Mine were fresh and stood up better than the Pink Ladies after cooking. This keeps well for about a day at room temperature; if you have to refrigerate it, warm it up slightly before serving for optimum enjoyment. Yes, trying to plan ahead for thanksgiving! All the pictures look so mouth-watering. Set aside. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after you fight for the last piece of tatin. Sweet cracker sandwich! A pie crust base instead definitely stays more crisp, but it looks less dramatic. I’m not sure if you’d need to fully double it and it might be tricky to find a skillet big enough that it’s not overcrowded when you’re sauteeing the apples. But trust in Deb! My boyfriend and I made this last night and it’s almost nearly all gone. Once the apples went in, it seemed to work itself out. chocolate dutch baby. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon over them and toss to coat. (It also makes it easier to fill the dish chockfull, even piled up a bit.) I’ve made this twice now, last weekend and again tonight. As long as all your ingredients are very cold and you work quickly, your crust will be tender and flaky–no vegetable shortening is necessary. Maybe my caramel wasn’t thick enough, although it got quite dark and thick before adding the butter and apples. Thanks! Loved this recipe, it is now a firm favorite in our household. Don’t burn yourself or drop stuff! phew! Voila! I also added sea salt and vanilla to the caramel. My caramel also got very thin after adding the apples. Thanks for making my winter just a tad easier! I made a Pomegranate Apple Tarte Tarin about a week an a half ago – my recipe called for less butter, less sugar, way more apples – and while it tasted magnificent, it did not look nearly so elegant as this. I made this Butterscotch Banana Tarte Tatin as a Valentine’s treat for the banana-lover in my life, my soon-to-be-husband. This is not an exact science; larger or more dense apples may take longer. STEP Your email address will not be published. I also used regular pie dough as the crust, which came out fine, though since I made this a day in advance I wish I hadn’t also flipped it a day in advance. Thanks again, Deb! I don’t even know what to say. Last year I made tarte Tatin from one of your other recipes (it was fantastic). Easy and amazing – my favorite combination. With this recipe, I’m no longer scared of it! I’ll let you know how it goes…. Prepare about 1/3 cup ice water and refrigerate. [BTW I found the pan on their website: All-Clad 10″ Stainless fry pan.]. This time of year I make as many tartes as I can in this short season. Thank you so much for the incredible recipe. Thirteen years ago: Not Your Mama’s Coleslaw. Then I waited for the sauce to brown, a total of 29 minutes before going into the oven, though since it browns in the oven this was kind of unnecessary I think (there wasn’t really any specifics as to how dark the sauce should be before going in. I’ve tried a middle eastern brand that was a little better (it was a little thicker and not dusted to death with flour), but I’ve only seen it in specialty markets in Southern California. As to possibly preparing more chunks than will fit the pie dish: oh, what a great caramelly apple compote they do make! No matter how long the tarte is left to cool, it always unmolds perfectly, with the apples’ pectin keeping the shape beautifully. I looked at your post amazing I get a lot of knowledge information about this post my wife is requesting me for pizza so I ask my friends to tell me which one is the best pizza place so he recommends me to taste Milano pizza. Thank you so much for this recipe. So far I am 0.5 for 2 on this one (second one almost made it). I would love to make this! Looking forward to trying your suggestion. Thoughts? Thanks for the advice on how to nestle the apples properly for the perfect cobblestone tarte tatin! I would love to make this work. 48 hours in new orleans. You want the apples to go in warm or they’ll need more baking time than the pastry. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes minutes, or until pastry is nicely browned and apples are bubbling around the edges. She explains “It was a quick shot, but I worked hard to get the right look and technique, so I could make it over and over again, and have it look exactly the same each time, which is essential for a movie scene.”. Peel your apples. Right now I have several bags of Wickhams apples: Mutsus which Are my favorites for pies, Remove from heat, add the sugar and stir until blended. I tried for “dark amber” which was the last description, but it was probably darker). It definitely looked like it was a teensy but of caramel for so many apples. If you haven’t had a tarte tatin, it’s a beauty of a dessert: tender caramelized apples above layers of flaky, buttery puff pastry. There was an interesting article in the New York Times recently that suggested cast-iron pans can actually lead to burning when used on the stovetop (as opposed to in the oven, where they are great). I stood mine for 45 minutes and It came out just like the picture!! Preheat the oven to 180C/160C Fan/Gas 4. Thank you! Eleven years ago: Cabbage and Mushroom Galette and Peanut Butter Crispy Bars Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. HOLY COW! And they were very soft. I made the apple cake last week for my kids and it was a huge hit. Puffed pastry does not hold up terribly well to a very liquid caramel once flipped. Thanks fo sharing Molly! Regular pie dough worked fine, of course, and it all turned out perfectly. Looks incredible – must try. Wow! Many years ago, after having my first tarte tatin in a small restaurant in Normandy, I tried repeatedly to make a halfway respectable version and failed miserably. Add the ice water a little at a time, processing just until the dough starts to come together into a mass. Thanks so much for the recipe, and more so the helpful additional instructions! Did the extract cause that or did I do something else wrong? I need to find more ways to include the word “bop” in my everyday life. Thanks for the great instructions. Butterscotch Banana Tarte Tatin (from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook) Serves 6-8. In my comment above I described the same problem and for me these things helped: Cutting less apples in thirds and leaving more halves resulted in less moisture overall. Thank you! [Guest post by Molly] You remember Molly, right? I also used a pate brisee pie crust and it worked well. I am going to give this a try, due to excessive apple picking the past few weeks. Then, arrange the apples exactly the way you want them in a smaller ovenproof skillet or standard pie pan. God, I love ‘dem apples. What apples did you use? Looks so delicious! We have fresh honey crisp apples from our local orchard here and this looks like a divine way to indulge them. the hot flipping is a little scary, but nothing i haven’t done before. The type of apple matters. Finally made this now that I’m a proud owner of a 10-inch cast iron skillet, and it didn’t work out because the apples were over-caramelized before I even put them in the oven. Spoiler: I’m the sous! Managed to squeeze only five apples into my skillet, then watched the caramel flow over onto the stove in an endless stream. Deb and Alex went to Paris and all I got was this awesome tarte tatin! Pour any extra caramel in the skillet over the apples. So the next time I let the sugar cook in butter and almost melt before putting the apples in. We were happy how it looked (not as dark as yours pictured), but a little disappointed that it wasn’t caramel-y-er. I cook all the desserts for the family, then transport them by bus or Lyft to a nearby suburb. Used Gala apples and followed the recipe pretty exactly, except my pan was bigger so I actually used even more apples. Thanks, Molly! They get it! Leftovers keep well in the fridge, rewarm gently before serving. The apple trees were long untended–even overgrown in places with blackberry brambles–but still sagging with delicious fruit. Absolutely mouth-watering photos! Cook, gently stirring and turning to ensure even cooking, until apples soften and begin to turn translucent at the edges and are about 3/4 of the way cooked through, about 10 minutes. I’d like some now, please! I have always used a small deep pot to melt the sugar. I’ve never made caramel before but your instructions made it easy. I think that if I make it again, I just won’t flip it at all! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! (Oh, and love your blog.). Debra, skillet for a spin I gave this a try. I think I’ll try that next time…, I made this ALMOST exactly as written, timings were perfect, but I added a little orange extract to the caramel after i had taken out the apples into my pie dish. When I leave the butter in the freezer for a long time, the flour-butter-water mixture simply refuses to form a dough, and I have to work it for ages and ages to get it to be anything other than crumbly powder. Job–I want to check out that the Le Creuset tarte tatin pan. Well… you’re amazing too, Deb. I added spices to the apples and pumpkin spice candy corns to the caramel mixture. and waste nothing. And I had a feeling I knew who had cooked/styled it — my across-the-street neighbor. Keep turning the dough as you do this to make sure it doesn’t stick to the rolling surface. And I can’t even imagine how amazing it made your house smell. With the apples cooked in the caramel on the stove, I went back to your recipe and put everything in a pie pan to bake. I can’t believe one of the readers used a non-stick pan! Tarte tatin is one of my favorite desserts, but for some reason I’ve never made it. [Welcome to the second episode of the Sous-Chef Series, a sporadic feature on SK in which I invite cooks I admire over to my small kitchen to teach me — and thus, us — to make one of their specialties. I love tarte tatin and I often make it in wee mini portions in a muffin cup. Not to make you jealous but Le Creuset makes special tarte tatin pans (it won’t quite be a “ball,” and it won‘t look smooth–you don’t want to overprocess it!) I should have watched the last 5 minutes when the butter when suddenly from light brown to dark, bordering on the sticky (reminded me a lot of past marmalade-making failures). Totally sad, completely solid, black, brick. I just made this…it was awsome. Well, Molly also makes a killer apple tarte tatin, one of my favorite desserts and she was kind enough to come over to my apartment last week and demonstrate–you wouldn’t believe how amazing it smelled. After all, I did vote for it. Lacking strength and courage, can I just skip the flipping step and eat it like regular pie with the crust on top? I can’t wait to try this too, on my way home I stopped by the local orchard and bought 2 bushels of apples. Stellar. Made this tonight and it came out great! In my next tart (which will be soon because I have to perfect this), I will time the recipe by the color of the sugar/butter, not by the recipe time. thanks for letting me know who cooked all that wonderful food in Julie and Julia – truly amazing that you know her!!! I also went a little dark with my caramel and that burnt sugar flavor was perfect. My family devoured it the minute I flipped it over and revealed the beautiful cobbled top. I’m going to make it today in my Le Creuset round french oven which is the right dimensions across. My theory is that the french oven distributed heat too far away from the bottom, so the apples wouldn’t caramelize before being turned. I’m making several desserts, most of them from your recipes. If there’s anything my Dad loves more than food in general, it’s free food, so he was thrilled. I will report if I make it successfully, I am so glad I am not the only one who gets frustrated with which apples are good for what. Thanks, Molly and Smitten Kitchen! Stir in the brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt. And it was beautiful. Using tongs, transfer apples, rounded side down, one at a time to a smaller (10-inch) skillet with an oven-proof handle or a 10-inch (standard) pie dish. Will be trying your other apple-is things because you’re generally spot on with your recipes. As for using all butter instead of a combination of butter and shortening in the crust, I think the flavor is superior. Made this with grocery store Galas, turned out great! a few things i would do differently: This also works well as a recipe for apple crumble… I was too lazy to make pie dough, so I just stopped at the adding ice water step, and then put the crumbly almost-dough on top in the manner of a cobbler. All my fault probably but I wanted to troubleshoot. I am starting to think that the caramel would have been enough had my apples not watered it down.But I will try two batches next time and then use 1/2 cup of sugar with each. Other ideas: a bit of Calvados in the caramel is delightful. The macintosh became a soft mush while the grannies maintained shape. You’ll mostly commonly find the apple tarte tatin when visiting a Paris bakery, but don’t let that fool you into thinking a banana tarte tatin is any less better. It’s very hard to cook the not-yet-shrunk apples evenly in caramel in a small pan. My spouse deemed it the “best pie you’ve made this year” and we ate the entire thing in one afternoon. Molly’s Apple Tarte Tatin I invited myself over and watched her make one in her tiny kitchen, not even breaking a sweat, and it was perfect. Same process, different size. The tart was very tasty, but I did note that the cooking times for my cast iron skillet were significantly less than the recipes. Ah, Deb, you’re in Paris!! This recipe is very, very similar to Julia Child’s recipe. Arrange apple quarters in pan, first making a circle inside the edge of the pan. It is THE Apple. I cheated and used frozen puff pastry but this was super easy! It was time to make the Tarte Tatin. That looks amazing and the perfect fall dessert! like MFM, i would also advise people to go by the color of the caramel and not the cooking time indicated here. I made this with honeycrisp apples. Is either of those what’s supposed to happen? I cooked the apples 7 minutes, flipped when the sauce wasn’t yet brown, then 7 minutes again. Don’t worry about overcooking the caramel once the apples are in; this has never happened to me. I’ll also stick to the smitten kitchen apple pies for “presentation” occasions, as those have never gone wrong. Check the crust to make sure it’s just big enough to cover the top of your tarte tatin pan. Thanks!! Can you make the apple portion in advance (potentially refrigerating overnight), and do the last bit (baking with the pastry) right before serving? It was a huge hit that night, and tonight my 17-yr-old daughter is making it right now. I was going to make a pie but I might try this instead! I squeezed a bit of lemon and added my own salt. I am going to have to try and attempt this recipe! The oven fries were pretty delicious on their own as well. So the thought of a Tarte Tatin, my favorite apple dessert, seemed gluttonous, as it contains more than two sticks of butter. So far, I have not had any problems with burning or excessive smoke (knock on wood). In future I’ll stop adding apples when they make a single layer in my 12″ pan. Alas. I haven’t baked the pie yet and am worried about it – its for a special dinner tonight. i also watched the French Chef episode–Julia Child is hilarious and so likeable, but i did not want to make the tarte her way….thanks Julia, and thanks Molly. (And patience, always patience.). I scaled this back a little as I am cooking for two and use 2 pounds of Gala apples. Preheat the oven to 375°F. I’ve made this recipe again and again, and now that my crisper is once more full of apples, I thought I’d let you know how much I love it. Ooooh, I love how this looks baking in the pan. It’s not a very sweet dessert in general, but it is possible going forward to make it with more sugar if you’d like the caramel flavor more present; it’s as simple as using 1 cup of sugar and up to 5T butter. The dog even scampered out of the kitchen.